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List Description
3w Weekly Writing Workshop
A1 Message board for the Reed student/community garden.
ABC A Book Club
ACM This is the list for Reed's ACM chapter.
ACM-careers ACM job/internship announcements
ACM-contest The ACM programming contest list.
Acrobalance Acrobalance at Reed
ACS_StudentChapter American Chemical Society Student Chapter
Admission.counselors Admission Counselors
Admission.interns Admission office student interns
Admission.staff admission staff
Admission.studentworkers Admission Student Workers
AdmissionFinAid Admission and Financial Aid Staff
Aerial_troupe_list the Reed Aerial Acrobatics Troupe
AlanaStudies African-, Latino-, Asian-, Native-American Studies
Alumni-bay-area-network Discussion of events for Bay Area area alumni
Alumni-bay-area-steering Steering committee of San Francisco Bay area alumn
Alumni-board Alumni board
Alumni-boston-network Events for Boston area alumni
Alumni-boston-steering Boston alumni steering committee
Alumni-centennial-planning Heritage & centennial planning committee
Alumni-chapter-leaders Members of alumni chapter steering committees
Alumni-chicago-network Events for Chicago area alumni
Alumni-chicago-steering Chicago alumni steering committee
Alumni-committee-chairs alumni board committee chairs
Alumni-dc-network Events for Washington DC area alumni
Alumni-dc-steering Steering committee for Washington DC alumni
Alumni-europe-network Events for European area alumni
Alumni-europe-steering Steering committee for europe group
Alumni-executive Executive committee
Alumni-nominating-committee Nominating committee
Alumni-ny-network Events for New York area alumni
Alumni-ny-steering NYC chapter steering committee
Alumni-outreach Outreach committee
Alumni-past-presidents Past Presidents of Alumni Board of Directors
Alumni-pdx-network Discussion of events for Portland area alumni
Alumni-pdx-steering Steering committee for Portland alumni
Alumni-rainier-network Discussion of events for Rainier area alumni
Alumni-rainier-steering Rainier alumni steering committee
Alumni-Reunions-committee Reunions committee
Alumni-so-cal-network Events for Southern Cal area alumni
Alumni-so-cal-steering Steering committee for So. California alumni
Alumni-superusers Super User Alumni Group
Alumni-triangle-steering Steering Committee of the Triangle alumni chapter
American-Studies Announcements of lectures, colloquiums, and events.
Amnesty Reed's Amnesty International group
AmnestyInternational Join the fight for human rights
Android-users Android devices at Reed
Angryqueers Angry Queers
AnimeResistance Anime for the Masses
Anth-211-hayden-sect2 [no description available]
Anth-211-hayden-sect6 [no description available]
Anth-majors [no description available]
Anthropology News from the Anthro dept
AODCommittee Alcohol and Other Drug Policy
Apoc-coop-alist FOOD FOR PEOPLE.
Apothecary Hygieia and the Honey Bee
Appointments Appointments Committee
Arabicculture 2013-2014 Arabic House events
ArchAlumsEtc Reed Community Members affiliated with Steve Arch
Arg Association of Reed Gamers
Arg.magic ARG Magic: The Gathering
Art-at-Reed Art Dept Announcements to the Community at Large & Alumni.
Art-Majors Announcements for Studio Art & Art History Majors
Art-Students Announcements for non-major students in Art Dept classes
Artpad [no description available]
Artsinpractice Arts as activism and community development.
Artsoftball [no description available]
AsianStudentUnion Asian Student Union mailing list
ASU-officers Officers only list for the Asian Student Union
Backpack Reed Backpack Co-op Email-
Badmintonclub Communication list for the Badminton Club
Band-practice-room A list for users and fans of the BPR/RS club
Banner-users Reed Banner Users
Basketball basketball team
BattleBottega Qui Transtulit, Sustinet
BCOP Beyond Campus Opportunities: Hot Jobs and Internships.
Beatlab Reed's Music Production Kollective
Bequest_gift Communication regarding bequest gifts
Bestfloorever [no description available]
Bikecoop The general bike co-op list
Bikelist [no description available]
BioBMB_majors_JC for bio journal club coordinates with bio seminar
Biology-journal-club Weekly journal club
Birchwoods birchwoods email
Blacklodge Blacklodge
Blackstudentunion Info about BASU meetings and events
Blue-Heron-Infoshop Radical student group also responsible for maintaining Infoshop space
Blueheroncollective direct action and rad politics
Bluerides A way to coordinate rides to weekly Blues events
Blueson The Blues news pipeline of Reed.
Bollywood for members of the bollywood appreciation club
Bookstore-announcements Announcements about events, promotions, specials
Bookstore-booknews Announcements about text and trade books
Bookstore-cashiers Bookstore Cashiers
Bookstore-merchandisenews Alerts about clothing & gift sales and promotions
Brewers-guild Make some beer with the guild, on your own or just know where the beer will be.
Brewgurus Ask the gurus of Brewer's Guild questions
Bridge Bridge Club
Bro-op Garden House Co-op Communique
Brommunity Brommunity Safety e-mail list
Buddhistchantingclub People interested in chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo
CAEE Committee on Alternative Entertainment & Education
CampAardvark RDAO
Campwellstone Campus Camp Wellstone Updates
Canyonhouse List to facilitate communication amongst the members of Canyon House.
Capoeira Capoeira at Reed
CarpeReginam Reed College Chess Club
Cars Events and discussion for the Car Club
CAVE Carnivorous Alternatives to Vegetarian Eating
Ccsafetynet An association of concerned employees from area schools
Central_america [no description available]
Ceramics-class student class list for ceramics
Chaingang Bike club.
ChapelReadings [no description available]
CheeseClub [no description available]
ChenTaiji Reed Chen Taiji (Tai Chi) class
Chinese-house Chinese House
Chittick12-13 Residents of Chittick
Chittick14-15 Residents of Chittick 2014-15
CHVNK666 CHVNK Mailing List
Cinelist List for French cinema course
Clas362-s [no description available]
Clas375-s [no description available]
Clevelandreedies Reed Alumni in Cleveland
Climbing bulletin board for reed climbers
Coalition attendants of the 2.9.09 conversation on bigotry
Coffeehaus Koffehaus(student open-mic and performance) mailing list
College-support [no description available]
Collegedemocrats Reed College Democrats
Commonscommunique For Commons Student Employees
ConQuest The Quest Board
Consent SERCAH working group
Contentdm CONTENTdm support list
Cookies-for-all CFA email list
Coopolis Communiques of the Garden House Coopolis
CPC The Computing Policy Committee
Critique Conservative theory reading group
CS-Students Computer Science at Reed
Cutelife Curated Cuteness
Cyclingteam Communication of the Cycling Team
Dance-troupe Reed Dance Troupe mailing list
Dance_Events Weekly Dance Events
Darkroom Student Darkroom in the GCC
deadbeats Dead Beat Reed Poets
Dharma-bums A group of people interested in meditation and Buddhist thought.
Digitalodyssey Cast and Crew List for Autumn's Thesis Production
DisguisedDoGooders Doing Good...In Disguise!
Diversify DiversIfY at Reed!
DiversityatReed A listserv for diversity-related information
Divest Students against investment in Wells Fargo
Division-lit-lang.faculty-only For Division of Literature and Languages Faculty-Only.
Division-lit-lang.student-only Mailing list to students in the Division.
Dorm-bragdon3 Bragdon dormitory, third floor
Dorm-scholz2 Scholz Dormitory, second floor
Dpp Davis Peace Project Ideas
Drawhard Make more comics!
DrumKollektiv Drum Kollektiv
DrumKorpsDancers Drum Korps Dancers
DT5miL DanceTeam 5million
DxOxTxUx Defenders of The Universe
Earthfirst [no description available]
ECGlab List for ECG's psych lab
Econseminar Students interested in economics activities
Econsoftball Mailing list for the Econ Softball team
EconSymposium Announcements for the Reed Economics Symposium
Ecopoetics class discussion list
Edsupport Eating disorder support group/network
Elections Elections Czars
Emk Electronic Music Kollective
Engineers students with technical interests
English.faculty-only For English Department Faculty-Only.
English.student-only Mailing list to students in the English Department.
English201-nal English 201 - Prof. Arnold
English303 American Studies Seminar
English341native [no description available]
Environmental-studies Environmental Studies program mailing list
Esp2014 Ecuador Service Project
Etheses [no description available]
Example [no description available]
Eyetoeye Project Eye-to-Eye
F.art student artists' group
FabLab Forming a Fab Lab at Reed
Facstaff-wellness Updates on wellness events for staff + faculty
Fall2013Elections for candidates and election czars to communicate
Fatties-unite Radical Fat Activism
Faustusall Faustus Team
Faustuscast Faustus Cast
Faustusprod Production team for Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights
Feastvolunteers Feast Volunteers
Fellatiorodriguezevents FelRod Iprov event mailing list
Fellowshipsandawards Info about fellowships opportunities
Fencing-team Reed Fencing Team Mailing List
Fetishclub Information and updates on Fetish Club.
Ffr-kernel Active core organizers for Fossil Free Reed
Fighters Reed MMA Club
FigureDrawingEmailList list of students in the figure drawing club
Finance [no description available]
Financialaid.staff Office of Financial Aid staff
Firstgen First generation students
Fishin-Clob For Reed's fishermen
Fleurdesel Cooking/Food Group
Forensics Reed Speech and Debate Team
Forum Reed Community Forum
Forward-march ...is the power and the glory.
FossilFreeReed List for the Divestment Campaign
Freeculture free culture at reed
Fren210-y02 [no description available]
Fren210-y03 [no description available]
Fren381-s [no description available]
Frontiers list for student group Frontiers Human Rights
FSU Feminists at Reed!
Fungusamongus Breaking the Mold
Funkubus Reed College Funk Band
Gamedev GameDev Dorm Mailing List
gb-kernel The core organizing group for Greenboard/environmental activities!
gendermentor making supportive community w/new reedies around gender and relationships
Genderstudiesconsortium Faculty interested in gender studies.
Germanhaus German House Events
Germanseniors Beer n bratwurst to fight the thesis.
Gettingthebluepeople copting for renn fayre
Gfcelebration GFund Celebration
Gfrecreation Gray Fund Recreation-"Use only to contact GF Administrators/Coordinators about trips!
Glowopera Glow Opera
Go-club The Reed Go Club
Gpicqs Greater Portland Intercollegiate Queer Society
GRAF Guild of Reedies Attempting Facepaint
Grailcontributors [no description available]
Grayfund GF staff
Greenboard Reed's environmental people.
Greencomputing Green Computing Task Force mailing list
Greenlodge Green Lodge List
Greenscience Green Science
Grk110-y [no description available]
Grk210-y [no description available]
Grounds-events Online event registration.
Haircuts For those who want to cut hair.
Halalfood Halal food at Commons
Hc-students Student members of the Honor Council
Hearthstone Notification list for Reed Hearthstone club
Herodotones Herodotones mail list
Hillel Hillel
Homershut [no description available]
Homersroamers Homer's Roamers
Hoophoop Hoop Club
Huckleberries For members of the Huckleberries
Hum110-arnold Humanities 110 - Prof. Arnold
Hum220-y02 [no description available]
Hum230groupproject for Michele's conference
Hum411thursday Thursday section of HUM 411
Hum411tuesday [no description available]
Humaneness101 Humaneness 101
HumPlay-MMXII HumPlay MMXII Mailing List
Humplay-mmxiv HumPlay MMXIV mailing list
Humplay2k8 [no description available]
Humplay2k9 HumPlay2k9 List
Humplaymmxiii For cast and crew of HumPlay 2k13
HumplayMMXV Actors and directors of Humplay MMXV
Icarusreed Mailing & News for Icarus Project @ Reed
Ilcp [no description available]
Imcdesk IMC Desk Workers
instr-tech-announce Announcements about instructional technology
Interconnectmentors A listserv for InterConnect mentors.
Interconnectprogram A listserv for students involved in InterConnect
Interfaithcouncil members of the Interfaith Council
Interfaithevents Announces Interfaith events.
Interplaza Communications for International Plaza collaborations.
Invoices email address for electronic invoices
iOS-users iOS devices at Reed
ISU International Student Union
Jccast [no description available]
Jdorm Residents of Scholz III (Japanese Culture Dorm)
Jmovie [no description available]
JStreetU JStreetU mailing list
Justiceleague For members of the social justice dorm
Keepreedweird under the underground
Klub [no description available]
Klub-kubb The list that unites the clans of kubb
Koffeekollective A Reed group for coffee enthusiasts
Kommencement_for_the_people [no description available]
Kpgurus Karma Patrol Gurus
KRRC The People's Radio Since 1954
KRRC_Management The Management
Lab_computers_announce [no description available]
Lamaison Vive La France!
Langlabbies Language Lab Student Workers
Laservolunteers for current mentors and interns
Lastbasteaon Tea and Beverage Society
Lat110-y [no description available]
Lat210-y [no description available]
latinostudentunion A list of LSU members
Leadership-summit [no description available]
Leadership_and_involvement Leadership and Involvement
Lectureseries the david s wills memorial student lecture series
LGBT-Alumni-Network LGBT Alumni Network
Libnightreport Library Night Report
Library_staff Internal list for library staff
Life-beyond-reed [no description available]
Ling-majors [no description available]
Linux-distro [no description available]
liquiditycouncil [no description available]
Living living theater revolution
Lodges Renn Fayre Lodge Coordination
LoL Ult the Dragon: A Reed League of Legends Club
Low_SES_and_First_Gen_Students Low income backgrounds and 1st gen to college
Lumberjack_kollektive We split wood.
Lumberjackteam Reed College Lumberjack Team
Lunchhosts Admission Office Lunch Hosts
Lunchrunners lunchrunners - Reed community members interested in group runs at lunch time
M-fpol Students and alums of Econ 341
Macintosh-announce Macintosh announcements
MadSci Mad Science theme dorm
Mafia list for coordinating events of Reed mafia club
Mahjonggatreed For Mah Jongg players to get together
Mail-services The Mail Services staff
Mals_club Graduate study at Reed
Marisolprodteam To contact members working on Marisol
Massageclub Email list for massage club.
Massagepartyclub Get together and share massages!
Math-At-Reed Announcements for Math Community at Large & Alumni
Math-Majors Announcements for Math Majors
Math112-s04 [no description available]
Math374-s [no description available]
Math382-s02 [no description available]
Math441-s [no description available]
Math_tutors Math Help Center Tutors
Mcgrifflydorm Joint dorm list for McKinley and Griffin
MCK Motorized Couch Kollective
Mechanics Bike Co-Op Mechanics
Mediaphilia mediaphilia mailing list
Meditation Try out meditation - find meditators
MKULTRA SSDP Internal Communication
mLab-users Communication with mLab users
MLLL To send email to the MLLL Signator
MLLL-news News about the MLLL (comics reading room)
Money Student Body Treasurers list
Motiv8u [no description available]
Motorcycleco-op Motorcycle co-op email list
Mountaineering Mountaineering Club list
Moveyourself [no description available]
MRC Multicultural Resource Center
Msc Math Student Colloquium
MSG Men's Support Group
Mt Midnight Theater
Multicultural-resource Multicultural Info.
Munki-info A list for Munki discussion.
Munteam Reed Model United Nations
Muralscommittee Senate's Mural Committee.
Mycology Mycology Club discussion
Nationpourers [no description available]
Necroneurotic [no description available]
Nerdsforneuro [no description available]
Netboot [no description available]
Nightbus Reed College Certified Nightbus Van Driver List
Nmpr Non-Monogamous People of Reed
Noonball For communication amongst noonball players
nopants Reed Student Bodies, reed's one and only naked club
not.at.reed Not At Reed
Obc [no description available]
Ohp-readers for Oral History Project transcript readers
OHSCommittee For Members of Reed's Safety Committee
OlderReedies discussion/community for nontraditionally aged Reedies
Open-mic-nights Open Mic Nights
Oral-history alumni board oral history project
Orientation orientation staff
Otcast Our Town Crew
Otcompany Everyone involved in Our Town
Otcrew Our Town Crew
OurCountrysGood Fall '12 production
Outbound A casual medium for all things outdoorsy.
Pabtestlist [no description available]
Pagancircle pagan group
Pairodocs Pair O Docs
Pamphlette The Pamphlette's INTERNAL Mail-list
Paper&ink [no description available]
Papercut-beta Papercut beta testers
Paradox paradox
Paradox_news News from the Paradox
Paranormalreview Reed College Paranormal Review
Parents_of_reed Reed Faculty and Staff who have young children
pdxwriters Private Listserv for working writers in pdx
PeaceJam Nobel Laureates + Youth = Change
Philosophical_society for those interested in philosophy
philosophistry destitutive analysis.
Phonathon Phonathon employees
Phonathon-mgrs Phonathon Managers
Phys04 Physics Seniors 2004
PhysicsOpportunities Internship and graduate school announcements
Pig People Ingesting Gourmet Dorm, Reed's food appreciation dorm
Pingpong_players Casual ping pong club
PingPongRoom Ping Pong Room
Poetryspokenword list for Reed Slam Poetry & Spoken Word + open mic
Pol-majors PoliSci Majors
Polisci Reed College Political Science news
polytopia-admin administrator list for Library 382
Pool-people pool-people
Poolhall Pool Hall
Portappofamerica Portmanteau Appreciators of America
Porthole-test [no description available]
PPLS Public Policy Lecture Series
Ppr Student Lounge Management
Praxis Journal of Art & Politics at Reed College
Praxis-board Internal mailing list for the Praxis newsletter management
Pre-law Announcements of interest to pre-law students and alumni
Pre-med Announcements of interest to pre-med students and alumni
Prexy Prexy building occupants
Printshoplist All things Print Shoppe related.
Printshoppe_trainings Print Shoppe training/event notifications
Prisonawareness Students for Prison Awareness
Prpldivision PRPL Division
Psychlist Psychology news & events
Psychseniors Psychology seniors
Pulse Pulse Group Mailing List
Putabirdonit Put a Bird on It!
Qigong Meeting info and spontaneous posting
Qtpoc Info about meetings and events, etc.
Queer-alliance Reed College Queer Alliance mailing list
QuestStaff Quest Staff
RAC Reed Alumni Connect
Rad-fire-show RAD Fire Show
Radmind-tech Reed Radmind technical discussion and news
Rainier-announce Official announcements for the Rainier Chapter
Rainier-general Bulletin Board for the Rainier Alumni Chapter
Randomhousebookclub Information regarding the Random House Book Club.
RandomWalks Economics student discussion, including softball
Rap Reedies Against Prisons
Raptorsinflight Reed College's student run birding club
Rasa List for members of the Reed Association for South Asia
RASN Reed Action Support Network
RATC Reed Argentine Tango Club
Rawparade08 Erika Kurth's 2012 Theatre Thesis List
Rca2014 RCAs 2014-2015
Rcic The Reed College Investment Club
RDC Reed Digital Collections
Reactor-alumni graduated reactor operators
Red-menace the red menase
Reed-arabic Arabic language, culture, and studies at Reed
Reed-CBL-Service-Outreach For CBL, Service, & Outreach Working Group
reed-community The whole community
Reed-entrepreneurs Reed StartUp
Reed-events Announcements of events at Reed
Reed-fc Reed Soccer
Reed-Fire-Revelry Weapons of Mass Distraction (Reed Fire Troupe)
Reed-hiv-aids-action-network Reed HIV/AIDS Action Network.
Reed-Slackers Reedies in search of balance (slackline club)
Reed-spc [no description available]
Reed-student-peace-action-network only for notification of events and actions
ReedAerial Reed's Aerial group
Reedco-ops Event and Co-op housing info
ReedCollegeCreativeReview Creative Review
Reedcricketclub Cricket enthusiasts at Reed.
Reedfigureskating Reed Figure Skating Club's list
Reedfutsal [no description available]
Reedies4clarkies a group of reedies who love clarkies
Reediesforsomalia Student fundraising/awareness organization
Reedlax Lacrosse team
Reedlegalnetwork Network of Reedies in Law
Reedrunners Reed's Running Community
Reedrunningteam organizational tool for reed cross country team
Reedsoccer [no description available]
Reedsustainablefoodproject E-mail List for the Reed Sustainable Food Project
Reedthis Reedies for improved community
ReedVegans The Reed Vegan Society
REK Reed Electrogaming Kollective
Relay2014 RELAY class list
RELAY2015 communication to the 2015 cohort
Religion-159 [no description available]
RennFayre Folks interested in helping with Renn Fayre
ResourcesPDX Resources PDX announcement list
Responsible-Investment Responsible Investment Coalition
Revolutionarystudygroup A list-serv for the revolutionary study group.
RFCommittee The Renn Fayre Committee list
Rfczars Renn Fayre Czars
Rfdecor [no description available]
RFF Reed Film Forum
Ride-board [no description available]
Rift [no description available]
ROAR Reedies Organizing for Animal Rights
Roboticsinitiative Reed Robotics Initiative
Roclist Reed Outing Club - ROC ON!
Rowing Reed College's rowing club
rs-engineers recording studio engineers
RSA Reed Student Advocates
Rscat [no description available]
RSHA Reedies For Sexual Health Awareness
Rspan-discussion antiwar and labor news
RSSK Reed Shooting Sports Kollectiv
Rt-info Information for Request Tracker (RT) users
Rugbymen Men's Rugby
Rugbywomen Women's Rugby
Russianhouse Russian house events
Safer-Sex-Society Email for contacting organization's coordinators
Safety-committee Tips, announcements, and minutes from the Occupational Health and Safety Committee
Sage STEM alumnae
Sarkawtarabicclass Sarkawt Sabir's conversational Arabic class
Sasq-watch Information on Reed Sasq-Watch
Sass Sexual Assault Survivors Support
SATF Sexual Assault Task Force
Sawg Sexual Assault Work Group
SBendowment This list is for working on the SB Endowment
Sbhandbook2014 Student body hand book editors list
SCAPP Student Committee for Academic Policy and Planning
Sci-comp List for Scientific Computation with Richard Crandall
Scrounge We are the scrounge!
Scroungers News for the Hungry
Sdc Student Diversity Committee list
Sds-discussion SDS Discussion List
Sds-general Announcements and community discussion of events related to the Software Design Studio.
SEEDS SEEDS Volunteer, FWS, and on-campus events
Senate Reed Student Senate
Senate-meetings Senate Meetings reading materials
Senior_class_scholarship Class of 2010 Scholarship
Seniorsymposium411-millender Senior Symposium 411
SERCAH Students for Ending Rape Culture, Assault, and Harassment
Signators The list for signators
silent-meeting Centering ourselves in connection with our community
Sin SIN Administrators
SkateparkAdventureClub A fun club for skateboarders, longboarders, roller skaters and bmxers
Ski-cabin Reed Ski-Cabin -
Skillshare Offer your skills, learn someone else's
Skyappreciators Home of the Sky Appreciation Society
Slacksonfive Slacks on Five is a student performance group
Slur Singing Loudly Unto Reed
Small-press-collective LIT MAG OF THE ELITE MASSES!
SMB Members of the Sexual Misconduct Board
Smokingsyn Internal communications of the smoking syndicate.
Soc Students of Color
Soccer girls soccer
Soclist Reed College Sociology department news
SocSciSW09 Social Science Summer Workshops 2009
sos-committee Senate Opportunity Subsidy Committee
Sound-kollectiv-owner [no description available]
Sound-kollektiv-owner [no description available]
Sound-kollektiv-training Sound Kollektiv Training
Sp2alumni Alumni Working Group
Sp2bridge Bridge Working Group
Sp2door Door Working Group
Sp2parent Parent Working Group
Sp2table Table Working Group
Spanishdorm Mailing list for Spanish/French Dorm residents
Spanishfrenchdorm Spanish/French Dorm
Spanishhouse Casa Hispana
Spiritzine Listserv for writers and editors of Spirit Zine
SPO-list List for current SPOs
Spr12bio-bmbmajors Spr'12Bio-BMBMajors
Springfall01 [no description available]
Squash [no description available]
SSDP Students for Sensible Drug Policy: Reed Chapter
Stage-directions Theatre contact list.
Stemfemmes Support group for women in scientific fields
Stilters Stilters' Guild e-mail list
Student_diversity_committee Student Diversity Committee
studentbody-info Student Body Info
StudentHandbook Student Handbook
SU-committee SU Stuffz
Sucleaners For communication amongst the SU cleaners.
SummerSoccer2014 Soccer players in Portland over the summer.
Sunshine-society Sunshine Society's email list
Surf Reedie surfers
Surfing for surfers at Reed
Sword_boffing For those interested in sword boffing
Swordandcompass Sword & Compass
Tactiletornado A collective of hug-positive Reedies
Tango A list for Reedies interested in Argentine Tango
Teaching-race For faculty teaching race & ethnicity at Reed
Tedxreedcollege List for the TEDxReedCollege Group
Theaprod Theater Production List
TheSociety Victorian Gentlemen's Ice Cream Society
Tir_na_nog_events Tir na nOg Events
Toolkollective Tool Kollective's mailing list
Touch Reed College Touch Rugby
Transpeergroup Reed's Trans Peer Support Group
Ultimate-frisbee BERSERK: Reed Ultimate Frisbee
UMLIIIKE Math Student Colloquia
Uncommons Reed's fine-dining experiment
Unofficialreedpodcast Mailing list for the (un)Official Reed Podcast!
Usbeirutmail Mailing List for United States of Beirut Group
Uugroup Unitarian Universalists
Vaginamonologues [no description available]
van-drivers Reed College Certified Van Driver List
Veganclub Reed Vegan Club
Vitaminastudentart Reed Student Art Organ
Volleyball volleyball
vozwritinglab list for voz esl writing lab tutors
W4w Women for Women mailing list
Wannaridebikes List to Organize Group Bike Rides
Webstore [no description available]
Weheartvideogames We <3 Video Games
Wellness Sign up for the twice-monthly Community Wellness Digest!
Westwind Westwind planning committee
Whiteout Whiteout List
WildWildQuest Fall 2010 - Spring 2011 Reed College Quest
Windows-announce Windows announcements
Women-of-color Brunches and Dinners for Self-Identifying WOC
Womens-ultimate Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Womens_basketball Woman's Basketball info
Womenscenter The Women's Center
Woodbridgedorm Tir Na Nog - Woodbridge
Writers Writers' Alliance
X-change [no description available]
Younghegelians hegel reading group
Zen_Meditation Reed's Zenies

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